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In about 2010 we had a program called The Beacon Program.  We ran it for a few years and it naturally came to an end.  Our lives changed, we added a fifth child, we moved, older children grew up and moved on and here we are again. BeaconMama was born from this place.  I have carried this torch for many years, time to let it shine again. Sign up below for updates on when we will be back with live shows and in the meantime, listen to the nearly 40 hours of podcasts from the first Beacon program.

Bringing concepts of faith in a world that doesn't seem to want it or even to people that don't want it can be tricky business. We wrote a book to help guide Mom - YOU - as you figure out how to guide them. 

Being a Beacon requires study...

108 Days

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In 2019, I have some big plans!

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Sometimes motherhood can be a dark place.

Let me help you stand in the light.

Working to be a light for others can be hard if we aren't first taking care of ourselves.  As mothers we often fall into self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs. We get stumped on how to handle our own emotions, let alone those of our partner or children.  What if I showed you a better way?  A way to become a beacon for your family - a way to stand tall, own your power and realize your own work? Walk with me.